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About the Barrel Mill

Located in the Central Minnesota town of Avon, The Barrel Mill® is one of the most respected cooperages in the industry, with a history in lumber dating back over a century. By combining old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the art equipment and technology, we deliver the best wine, and spirit barrels for many of the leading craft brands.

When Nels Simsonson started his lumber business back in 1910, he surely couldn’t have imagined that his grandsons and great grandsons would be continuing his legacy at The Barrel Mill - providing leading wineries, breweries and craft distilleries with Premium Barrels and Oak Infusion Spirals.

But the commitment to produce quality and excellent customer service remains the same. We still source the finest American and French oak available and air season it as long as possible . We believe in craftsmanship and standing behind our product. The knowledge and experienced gained by four generations has propelled us to build the highest quality aging products for the beverage industry.

The Barrel Mill starts with the highest quality American White Oak staves – which are sustainably sourced and air dried up to two years. We then individually mold, fire bend, toast and char to your specifications. Tongue and groove handcrafted heads are also charred, then sealed with local, organic beeswax. And finally, each barrel is hand tested with high temperature, pressurized filtered water to ensure there are no leaks. Nothing is left to chance.(Optional distillery logo can be laser engraved on the heads at an additional cost.)